Winter Looks on a Budget

Winter Looks on a Budget

by: Kathryn Finney

Here are some quick and easy winter looks on a budget.
There are several new looks you can pull off for a fraction of the usual cost. Knee-high shearling boots are very hot right now, but you can get a pair of shearling-like boots from stores like Aldo , Bakers, and even Nordstrom for well under $70. These boots look great with a pair of jeans tucked inside.
Ponchos are definitely not “in” anymore, but what is “in” is to take a wide/long pashmina-like scarf in a great color like green or pink (you can get these at pretty much any store), and draping it around your shoulders, much as you would wear a poncho. Fasten the two ends together at the shoulder with brooches. Brooches continue to rock, and stores like Express and Claire’s Boutique have a wonderful assortment. Remember: The gaudier the brooch, the better! Wear three or so at the same time.
Another hot look, straight from the runways, is to wear black or camel from head to toe, with turquoise jewelry accents. So throw on a pair of black fitted pants, a nice long-sleeve black top, and turquoise jewelry. It is a good time to buy some turquoise, or turquoise–like, jewelry – because it will be VERY HOT this spring and summer.
Use these three simple winter looks to add excitement and color to your winter wardrobe.

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Kathryn “The Budget Fashionista” Finney is the Chief Shopping Officer and Founder of Kate Magazine and The Budget Fashionista- two popular online magazines. She is also the Chief Shopping Officer of TBF Group, LLC, an internet based company focused on providing the best shopping and fashion advice on the web. Known as “the stylist to the cheap,” Kate has been around the world searching for the best bargains on designer goods, and is willing to get the bargain by any (legal) means necessary. She is recognized as one of America’s Smartest Shoppers and has appeared on the E! Network, The Style Network, and several local television shows in the New York City Metro Area. She has served as a fashion and Internet expert in publications as diverse as Reader’s Digest, The New York Times, and more than 30 other major publications.

This article was posted on January 23, 2005